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What If...Part 2. BY DANICA TREBEL

By Chared Cincoflores

Did you try it?

Did you allow yourself to dream - even it if it were for just a few stolen moments while you were driving...or maybe in the shower?

Here's the thing: whether you did or you didn't, there are still "next steps" that have to be taken no matter where you are in your journey. Maybe your next step is Step 1: Dream and play the What If? game with a positive spin. Or maybe you made it through Step 1 and have been eagerly awaiting the "What's Next?" to the "What If?" If so...TaDa!!

Step 2: What IS Next? Say your dream is to change the world through your gift of music. What is ONE thing you can do TODAY to crawl, skip, run or roll if you have to that will get you moving toward learning how to, say, sing an octave higher? Actually USE the double-bass pedal on your drum kit? Write that song that's been in "the back of your mind" but has yet to be written? Even if that ONE thing you do is a Google search for voice lessons, drum lessons or YouTube videos on "how to," you're at least moving in the direction of inspiring your soul and living a life of passion and purpose.

I know someone who said she'd always wanted to shine shoes for people. Since she was a little girl that was something she wanted to do but never actually followed through on it. One day she went to her husband's closet, grabbed his shoes and got to shinin'. The satisfaction she got from FINALLY acting on that one thing she'd never done was beyond measure. She literally felt satisfied and accomplished...and regret-free!

It really is that simple.

We all have a story that's begging to be told. We all have a gift that's the perfect way to express that story to the world. It's truly never too late to start no matter your age or your circumstances, and the only thing that should ever put off in this life is regret...

What's your ONE thing? What's YOUR story?