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By Chared Cincoflores

"Who do they say that I am?" Most folks are familiar with that passage from the Bible when Jesus asks his peeps what the word on the street was about His identity. But have you ever taken time out of your life to ask your own peeps -- or more importantly your own self -- "Who do He say that I am?"

Now, I'm not talking about what you do for a living or your status in your family. What I'm asking you about is who you are at the core of your essence. What is your most burning passion? So many times I'd found myself pleading for my life to be different so I'd change the outside hoping to get different results. What I didn't realize was that the outside will never change until I get myself right on the inside. Once I took the time to get still and get clear, I had to start by owning what I was born and created to do and then take steps from that point to tweak the rest. One of the things I discovered -- and continue to be acutely aware of -- is that the fear of the almighty "what if" can be paralyzing if we look at it in the negative.

Today I challenge you to go from using the worst-case scenario "what if" to actually empowering yourself with a more positive "what if." "What if I actually did pursue my _______ (insert your calling here)? What if I were actually successful and finally able to live outside the box society has tried to keep us in for so long? What if I stepped out in faith and my health was restored and my every need was truly met beyond measure? What if by my living my purpose everyone around me by default became healthy and happy as well and as a result, love and liberation began to spread to every corner of the planet?"

No one lays on their death bed regretting taking chances on their dreams; they regret not loving enough, not living enough and not doing it while they could.

So go ahead...what are you waiting for?

What if...?