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The Free Listening Chronicles BY DANICA TREBEL

By Chared Cincoflores

As soon as I saw it, I knew it was something I had to do. I had to. I couldn’t NOT do it. The idea was brilliant yet so simple I literally had to *facepalm* my own self for not having thought of it sooner – or at all. It’s at the essence of what I live to do; it solves the problem of how I can reach people; and it only cost me .50 to get started. It’s.just.brilliant.

And it’s just…listening. That’s it. Go outside, hold up a sign and let people know you’re there to listen to them…for free.

Here’s the video I “just happened to see” that reignited the exhausted-from-online-business-building flame in me and really got me fired up to Go.Be.Do.

And so I did.

And here is where you can follow my journey and share in the daily lessons that have been waiting for me once I got out from behind the laptop and started meeting people where they are to just…listen.