Communication is like milk: it does a body good. But what happens if that milk sits in the refrigerator for too long and doesn't get used? It spoils and gets sour. The same thing happens to communication when we stop using it. Think about it: Remember last week when you were being pulled in 19 different directions and the dishes still needed to be put away? Remember how you thought, "Wow, it sure would be nice if someone would show just a little bit of initiative and put those dishes where they belong without having to be asked...just once!!!"? And remember how the more time passed without anything being said, the more sour you felt? "They should have known I needed help. Couldn't they see how stressed out I was?! They're so ungrateful a...

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I’m not even going to lie about it: I have had the WORST customer service experiences EVER with a certain cell phone company… EVER! I wish I could say it was a one time deal, but I’ve been with that company for over five years, and it’s every single time!! The.Worst I tell you!! It’s been so bad that when one girl actually tried to help me, her manager threatened to fire her because she “had no authority to do that, and she has to be disciplined.” Again I say The.Worst!! Which might explain why I always shutter and tear up any time I need to contact said wireless company. And this month was no different. When $15 extra dollars were added to my phone bill, the dread of having to deal with their &...

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By Chared Cincoflores

"Who do they say that I am?" Most folks are familiar with that passage from the Bible when Jesus asks his peeps what the word on the street was about His identity. But have you ever taken time out of your life to ask your own peeps -- or more importantly your own self -- "Who do He say that I am?"

Now, I'm not talking about what you do for a living or your status in your family. What I'm asking you about is who you are at the core of your essence. What is your most burning passion? So many times I'd found myself pleading for my life to be different so I'd change the outside hoping to get different results. What I didn't realize was that the outside will never change until I get myself right on the inside. Once I took the time to get still...

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What If...Part 2. BY DANICA TREBEL

By Chared Cincoflores

Did you try it?

Did you allow yourself to dream - even it if it were for just a few stolen moments while you were driving...or maybe in the shower?

Here's the thing: whether you did or you didn't, there are still "next steps" that have to be taken no matter where you are in your journey. Maybe your next step is Step 1: Dream and play the What If? game with a positive spin. Or maybe you made it through Step 1 and have been eagerly awaiting the "What's Next?" to the "What If?" If so...TaDa!!

Step 2: What IS Next? Say your dream is to change the world through your gift of music. What is ONE thing you can do TODAY to crawl, skip, run or roll if you have to that will get you moving toward learning how to, say, sing an octave higher? Actually USE...

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Once…just once…wouldn’t it be ah_MAY-zing to have a conversation with your teen that ended in a high-five rather than the typical arms-crossed, eye-roll, disgusted-sigh side stance? Or even better in the the kind of relationship where you kids actually WANT to spend time with you? You may be thinking, “Yeah, right. Like THAT will ever happen,” inserting an eye-roll of your own. Or “Man, that would be amazing…but at this point there’s just no hope.”

But what if it could happen? What if there was hope? And what if it’s as simple as 1-2-3 (4-5)? Would you be willing to change the course of your family’s legacy by changing how you communicate with your teenager? After all, w...

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We are all home schooled

Day after day, year after year, it's the interactions we have at home that have the biggest impact on who we become.

Public school is an essential part of our culture. But the inputs and foundations that parents create are essential and they are truly difficult to outsource.

What would happen if you figured out how to spend two hours a day, every day, without electronics, with your kids? Looking them in the eye, being present, doing projects, setting standards, raising the bar, learning, seeing, hearing, connecting, challenging, questioning, being questioned...

~Seth Godin 7/3/16

This essay was written three years ago by a 16-year-old sophomore in a small, predominantly white attended and staffed school on the heels of what had developed as an “inside joke” between one of his African-American teachers and him. When the joke was taken across a line this 16-year-old didn’t even realize existed, the school handled the situation as a learning opportunity of a different kind for their student – one that took place off the pages of the textbooks. The upper school principal asked the student to write a report on the results of people’s actions and how those actions can affect others – especially people of another ethnicity from his own.

Props to this principal and teacher for the way t...

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As soon as I saw it, I knew it was something I had to do. I had to. I couldn’t NOT do it. The idea was brilliant yet so simple I literally had to *facepalm* my own self for not having thought of it sooner – or at all. It’s at the essence of what I live to do; it solves the problem of how I can reach people; and it only cost me .50 to get started. It’s.just.brilliant.

And it’s just…listening. That’s it. Go outside, hold up a sign and let people know you’re there to listen to them…for free.

Here’s the video I “just happened to see” that reignited the exhausted-from-online-business-building flame in me and really got me fired up to Go.Be.Do.

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