I always knew there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing.


From the outside looking in things were shiny, typical. The war that was raging behind the "Lee Press-on Smile," however, was a living nightmare.


I was desperate to be heard. I was dying to be seen. I would have given anything for the pain to end and for my best to be good enough just once...anything. Including my life.


But anorexia and bulimia didn't kill me, and I couldn't even get suicide right

So I made a deal with God: "If you're not going to take me you BETTER use me, so let's do this!"


From there began the unjourney -- retracing all of the steps, phases, thoughts and habits that had gotten me to the point of starving to die rather than craving to live. I unlearned all the way back to the point I realized the void I had been trying to fill my whole life with food, "love," every wrong choice possible wasn't a void at all. It was a voice.


I had been searching for

     My VOICE.
     My HOME.


Along the way I began to amass infinite Ah-Ha moments, life skills and lessons that now comprise my passion and my mission, the reason God kept me alive:


 Helping you remember who you were before

 the world (parents/teachers/friends/bullies/first loves) told you who you weren't.


Can you imagine if you were given permission to


  •  Say what you need to say and actually be HEARD?
  •  KNOW your best is MORE THAN good enough -- and act like it?
  •  End the emotional roller coaster of "failed" expectations?
  •  Experience PEACE in personal life?
  • Conquer your passion projects?
  • Live out loud your DREAMS and your "Oh, I'll never get tos..."?
  • Be HAPPY every single day (...well, most every day)?
  • Experience in every relationship the eye-rolling, "ewwww-inspiring" kind of LOVE you only see in the  movies?

Can you imagine if it actually worked?!?


Are you willing to at least give it a try?


The only thing you have to lose 

is the fear that's holding you back.



You matter.

Your voice matters.

Maybe YOU are the reason I'm still around.

I'm ready to find out.


Are you?

  • Where you were
  • Break Free
  • Who You Are



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